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Is it Really Important For a Man to Have a Deep Voice?

This is a question that has really fascinated me for years. From my young days my parents always emphasised that I should only judge another person by their character. They believed that nobody should be judged by their appearance and everyone should be given a chance to shine, as some of the greatest people often have trouble making good first impressions. So I went through life thinking that this is how everyone judged others, so I made sure that whenever I would hang with my peers or interact with new people I would try my best to let them see me in my best light.

This worked wonders when I was younger and for a good part of my teenage years. All the parents loved me, friends came to me to discuss problems. Girls loved discussing their lives with me. But the problem started when I hit puberty. Friends around me started to develop muscles, and deeper voices, this led to all the girls getting with them. I however didn't seem to be getting any of these manly features, I was a man stuck in a boys body. I didn't think much of it then, as I thought just like the rest of the kids who hadn't developed yet I would eventually do so.

Yet years went by and I was the same. Nothing had changed, and it had started to frustrate me. I know I was taught that I should judge people only by their character, but the world didn't seem to think so. All the girls were chasing guys who had deeper more manly attributes, people seemed to only listen to these guys too. Whenever I tried to express an opinion among, I was just ignored like I didn't even say anything.

It was effecting me, but I thought that their must be a way to be able to change this situation around. Every problem that exists their is always a solution. I knew that and now I had to find a way to solve my problems. So I did, I made it my priority to learn ways to make myself more manly. I spent the next few months searching for knowledge, trying to find ways to be able to create a more manly image of myself.

The main problem area was my voice. It just sounded girlish. It didn't draw any attention and effected my confidence, to the point that I only spoke when I had to. I started out by finding out ways that I could improve the quality of my voice. I first sought out a voice coach. However booking a session with one, I realised that it could take months if not years to improve the tone of my voice, and even then it was not guaranteed.

I just did not have the Money or patience to wait that long, and possibly never even see the results that I was looking. So I decided to scrap that, and I moved onto searching for a more guaranteed solution. This time searching the Internet I found a source that claimed that some simple exercises would be able to change the tone of my voice.

It was hard to believe because it claimed to deepen the sound of your voice in just 9 days. Give me a break, after being told by a professional voice coach that it could take years, possibly never. I just thought it was another scam to take my money.

I dismissed it and moved on. I told my best friend Cooper about it, and he said why not jury try it, you have nothing to lose. He was the kind of guy who would always try everything at least once. Seeing that he seems to always get what he is after with this attitude. I went I took the plunge, and decided to spend the $ one the product.

The result, amazing within a few days I was attracting attention, people listened to me. Girls noticed me. Just amazing, i just can't believe it. I am so amazed and hopefully this story will inspire others who have the same problem to take action and develop that deep voice you have always desired.