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Perfume for All Ages: Chanel Number 5 Review

When we speak about perfumes, we usually talk about necessary luxuries of women that have become sort of an extension of their personality. Thus, with this in mind, it is therefore important to choose the right perfume.

And one perfume stood out from the crowd, the Chanel No 5. Sold since 1921, this perfume is often labeled as the most renowned in the world. Owning this perfume has become a symbol of social status among women, both celebrities and average women alike.

The Chanel Number 5 is generally described as vibrant fragrance as it remains to develop and merge with the natural distinct scent of its user.

With its undaunted reputation, it is unsurprising that almost every Chanel Number 5 review were generally positive. A lot of purists are pleased that, even after almost a century since it was introduced, the perfume has remained true to the tried-and-tested formula. A lot of people would agree that it has retained its beautiful flowery mix combined a sharp spiciness.

There's no denying, however, that Chanel Number 5 is very expensive. This is particularly the major complaint among many users in their Chanel Number 5 review. Despite of this, the steep price is justified with the quality. In fact, it is considered a practical buy since a single spray is enough to keep its user smell great throughout the day, as compared to having to apply several sprays of other perfumes to take similar effect.

In relation to this, some Chanel No. 5 review has said that the scent is especially strong and can become already intolerable even with just two sprays. Additionally, those who prefer softer and fresher fragrance may not like the strong pungent Chanel Number 5.

Nevertheless, generally all Chanel No. 5 review has indeed shown that it is one great example of a perfume that transcends beyond the simple scent it gives to its users. It delves down to the personality of the woman who demands sheer exquisiteness and sophistication.