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Silk Scarves and Shawls - The Perfect Solution For Hiding Imperf

Whether they have been with us since birth or have been collected on our journey through life, most of us have at least a few imperfections that we would rather not display to the world for part or even any of the time. At the same time, however, we do not want to have to cover ourselves up with clothing which is either unflattering or downright uncomfortable, and this is where luxurious 100% silk scarves and shawls with stunning and unique hand painted designs can really come into their own.

For some women, the site of an injection can scar quite badly, leaving a large and unsightly circular mark at the top of the arm. Especially on those occasions when they want to look really special, this can make them feel self-conscious or embarrassed, but the thought of having to put aside that gorgeous little strappy dress in favor of something with sleeves is just unbearable. The solution? Simply drape a silk scarf or shawl around the shoulders and upper arms and, hey presto, no more imperfection.

Scars which have resulted from operations can not only look unsightly, but these, of course, have even greater potential for embarrassment. Even those who might not ask directly about the scarring are often apt to stare openly or keep taking discreet glances, and naturally this can cause a great deal of discomfort. In cases where it is on view and people do ask, it also has the potential to bring up painful memories that you may not wish to discuss. Again, by using an eye-catching silk scarf or shawl, you can make any such mark disappear without having to compromise on what you wear underneath.

Although many women who are born with port wine stains on their skin live with them quite openly and without any feeling of self-consciousness, others go to great lengths to disguise them with make-up or to cover them up, if not all of the time, then certainly for those special nights out. Marks such as these which are in the neck area can be expertly hidden by a women's silk scarf tied in an appropriate way, and the feel of the luxury of the silk fabric will take away any thoughts of what lies underneath. If the mark is particularly strong in color, choose a bright, eye-catching design to make a defiant statement.

Something else which can cause many women to feel awkward or uncomfortable is vitiligo, the skin condition which causes the skin to lose its pigment. Typically, larger and larger areas of the skin are affected, giving a very mottled appearance which many sufferers themselves find unsightly. Whether for everyday wear or just for special occasions, a beautiful silk scarf or shawl may not be able to hide all of the patches, but it will hide most of those on the upper body. Providing it does not make you look washed out, try to go for tones which match with the natural shades of your skin, as this will help to disguise it further.