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Thieves Use 4X4 In Ram Raid On Paris Chanel Retailer

When I first sniffed Coco Mademoiselle, it suddenly transported me to an aristocratic girl's boudoir. Undoubtedly essentially the most properly know of all of Coco Chanel's bag designs, the two.55 (which refers February 1955; the month and yr in which the model was introduced) was the result of the designer's desire to create a basic bag that was simple to carry round arms-free - a function is still serves for its homeowners as we speak.

Gabrielle Chanel adored the splendor and excess of baroque model. For the vacation makeup assortment, Lucia Pica draws inspiration from this aesthetic. She dreams up festive, daring, brilliant and complex makeup that, like a jewel, reveals a radiant-trying complexion and enhances your allure.

The Chanel Boy Pockets collection is simple, rectangular and trendy, with a structured design and single flap. Featuring an updated CC brand on heavy-obligation hardware, this range of purses and luggage has a unique androgynous allure that pairs effectively with modern apparel.

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