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Ugg Boots Make the Perfect Style Statement

Most of the times people are confused as to what actually are Ugg boots, well they are the traditional Australian shoes which are made of sheep skin. The shoes majorly came into existence during the World War I when pilots used to wear such boots and then they were majorly worn by farmers in the years following 1930 in order to provide warmth to their feet. Basically since these kinds of shoes are made of sheep skin they are the best to keep your feet warm and this is the basic purpose these shoes have always been used for.

Coming to the origin of the term "Ugg", it is widely believed that Ugg is a short form for ugly. Ugg has been the word which has always been used for the sheep skin boots which were made in Australia. The word also found a place in the dictionary and thus it became a common category of shoes. However, in the United States, it was referred to a company called Deckers Outdoor Corporation which used to manufacture the boots. So when you are travelling the world, you must know whether you are referring to Ugg as the Australian made boots or the branded ones.

There are different styles in which these shoes are available. You can get these shoes in short styles as well as the tall styles. Women can find these boots in various ranges of colours from pink to purple, from tan to brown and every colour that you can think of. Men can find these boots in many neutral colours like browns, blacks, etc. The boots are available in flat heeled style like slip-ons or even heels and laces are very common.

Now, while sheepskin boots are majorly the more casual kind of shoes which are overtly warm and are the best suited if you are travelling in a very cold city where the temperature usually goes down to somewhere minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, these shoes must be avoided in wet and muddy conditions. If you are a woman, you can wear these shoes with tight legged jeans tucking them inside your shoes. Another great option is to wear these shoes with short skirts as they look stylish in this combo. For men, Ugg boots can be paired with casual jeans for a rugged look with a nice check shirt. You may or may not wear socks depending on how much warmth you require with your shoes!