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What Do People Think Of You? 4 Tips To Building A Positive Reput

1. Give To Get

When you are marketing online or offline, it is always a good idea to help and support other people.A� This could also be called maintaining good "karma". This is a great way to build relationships, but it is also a great way to support people in the community as well.A� If you work to help other people you will usually see that those good deeds come back around.

This idea is really key for anything that you are trying to do in business.A� If you help others to achieve their desired outcome, you will find that you will be rewarded with what you want as well.A� This creates a "win win" situation and you will have a reputation that reflects your giving personality.

2. Be Consistent

When you start to build a reputation for yourself it is a very good idea to stay consistent.A� You want people to know that they can count on you to deliver on a consistent basis.A� You don't want to be the person who bounces around from one thing to another every other day.

When you have a reputation for being consistent, you will be far more attractive to work with.A� No one wants to work with a "flaky" person.A� Plus- the only way to achieve desirable results is to stay consistent with your efforts.

3. Stand Behind Your Recommendations

Another thing to remember is to only recommend products or services that you stand behind.A� People remember what you do, so you don't want to have a reputation for recommending garbage to people. On the other hand, if you recommend things that really help people in their business they will be loyal to you and they will trust your opinion.A� This goes back to giving and helping people to get what they want.

4. Admit When You Are Wrong

There may come a time when you make an error in judgment or you may do something wrong.A� This is a crucial time that you need to step up and admit that you have made a mistake.A� Nobody is perfect and people understand that, but they will not respect you if your shift the blame and never own up to your mistakes.

Not only will people respect your honesty and integrity, but you will also be much more credible.A� If you can admit that you that you made a mistake it shows people that you are clear headed and reliable.